Saturday, March 6, 2010

that warm fuzzy feeling or my crazy night at the mall

Whew! I went to the mall with my cousin Nick last night. Most of the night was him trying to drag me out of Claire's. Normally I try to avoid that place on account of all of the usual banana montana and ho-ness brothers crud, but there was one thing in there that caught my eye: a glitter lip gloss. with a duck on top. and the duck had an afro.

duck. afro. seriously, claire's? why do you taunt me so!! you know I had just spent my ten dollars on a purple hair streak and chowder and flapjack pins!?!? (which are also ahhh-dawwrrable, I promise pictures soon)

I need it. I really do. Ever since seeing the adorable yarn-afro-duck my discerning eye for cute has made me notice fuzzy things. For example, have you SEEN the new 1-800-flowers commercial? they personify "that warm fuzzy feeling" into a little blob of fur with EYES. I need to make one of those somehow. I always thought "that warm fuzzy feeling" would look like, I dunno, a puppy or something. I'm not saying that's bad or whatever, but a furry blob. with little eyes. Really? No contest. I'll post a picture.

To all of the fuzzy blobs out there,

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