Thursday, June 24, 2010

and so begins my miniature zoo...

                                          My mom made my day with this little guy today:
Isn't he cute? I don't know what to call him. He is one of those adorable Japanese erasers!
(hint hint: I collect these so they would be an awesome birthday present ;D)

(picture from!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

likeliness to post regularly increased by 99.9% thanks to...

My shiny, clean, brand-squeeing-new netbook laptop!
This is my new baby, Unnamed Toshiba Netbook that is White and Tiny. 
It's a little 10.1" laptop and I loveeee it!
'Twas a graduation prezzie (well, the money I bought it with, anyway)
I'm considering putting white ears and a bow on it so it might look like a certain feline I love...
I might use the Hello Kitty square design. It would work well for this purpose. 
Anyways, this baby is inspiring me to post more often, so check back for more updates!
<3, Ana :)

(sorry, my mouse is being stupid and I can't change fonts or shrink this... photos from and, respectively.)