Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i fail at updating...

but it's alright :)
hello! guten tag! konnichiwa! ni hao! hi in other languages!

enormous apologizes for not posting for 63 years :( or that's what it feels like...?
but there are good things on the way!

first of all, let's take a look at this:
eh, you say. hello kitty holding an apple. pretty cute. eh eh. (add an extra eh if you are canadian xD) 

but check this out:
whoa! our favorite feline dressed as... various other animals? awwwwwww! I need that koala!
yeah. uh-huh. I want it too. I'm so glad I received a 25 dolla gift card to target (where these babies are sold) so i can obtain them! I'm thinking of getting the koala dress-up and possibly the apple-holding one (it's of a more huggable size.) I can't wait to bring them to school!

I've come to earn a reputation at my school as the resident hello kitty lover- heck, cuteaholic- every day I come in with my current stuffed hello kitty, a few of my precious japanese miniature food erasers, and often some kind of prop. those usually consist of a huge fake ice cream cone, sleeping mask, or my prized h.k. coloring book. I'm currently waiting to receive some my little pony bows I ordered on Etsy from the lovely PinkiePiexo . All my school supplies are deced out in kawaii stickers and I only use h. k. notebooks. I try not to annoy people with my addiction by sleeping all day in class :) well, not all day. 

next time I'm planning on posting more pics so stay tuned  :)

peace, bro! 

photos are from target. com and, respectively. 

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